All hail, the copywriting Queen

Forgive the sassy, theatrical headline, I have an exciting announcement to make. I have just finished my Accredited Diploma in Copywriting which I started in 2017!

From an early age, I always loved writing and day dreamed of incorporating this into my day to day work. Meeting client expectations and tight deadlines took over and my course was put on hold.

Then along came Covid

Something we could have never imagined. Early in January, we devised a 2020 mantra, ‘Aspiring excellence in everything we do’. The pandemic has certainly posed a challenging threat to our plans. But one of the few positives to come from this, was the opportunity to  pick up my copywriting course again.

So why is copywriting so important for your business?

Good content helps your business establish trust and authority with your target audience. It persuades potential customers to buy your products and services.

Copywriting is an integral part of our day to day role. Get it right and our marketing hits the spot. Getting it wrong can sorely undermine the impact of all of our creative design work.

As part of my course, I have learnt how to write interesting, persuasive and engaging content. I have mastered writing for social media, web pages, blogs, adverts, editorials, brochures, leaflets, sale pitches, press releases and SEO articles.

Need some copywriting support?

Here’s how I work.

Step one – meet up or email through your brief

Step two – I’ll provide a detailed quotation and lead time

Step three – undertake the work and provide a finalised version

Step four – approval and sign off.



Thanks goes to…
I would like to take this opportunity to thank the College of Media and Publishing. I really enjoyed my course and am grateful to my tutor, Justine, who has provided great support and feedback along the way.

So, if you need the services of the Capture copywriting Queen
I would love to help. Pick up the phone or send me an email. Together we can create a wonder of words to showcase your products and services.