We’re going to mention it..

We know it’s only October but Christmas often sneaks up upons us, especially when we are busy running a business. So instead of leaving it with minutes to spare this year we are doing our best to help you plan your Christmas marketing.

Christmas brings so much joy to many people, making it a great time to connect with your clients.Here are our top marketing tips to help you make the most out of your christmas marketing.

Celebrate Socially

Spread joy and cheer on your social media platforms by having specially designed Christmas graphics for your business. We will come up with some great ideas to make Christmas fit in with your branding..

Personalise a Christmas email

Send your mailing list a stunning, well designed email with promotional offers as well as Christmas wishes. We offer a design package using MailChimp.

Give a practical and bespoke branded gift

It’s nice to feel appreciated especially after such a tough year. Show your clients you care by giving them a free gift. Capture can help you choose the perfect promotional item that can be branded for you. This will help your clients remember you in 2021.

Make your website memorable

Create a Christmas Homepage for your website. Your clients will be sure to remember you with a festive element to your website, creating a mutual festive spirit and excitement for all. It also welcomes the opportunity to highlight Christmas offers, products or services.

Send warm wishes

Show your genuine appreciation with a well designed and professionally printed Christmas card. Connect on a personal level and strengthen your client relationships. We can also design animated, digital graphics to land straight into your client’s inbox.

Connect with your clients at the happiest time of the year and build relationships that will stand throughout 2021.