Get the most out of your marketing budget

Started a new business or need a marketing overall but don’t know where to start? As a business owner it can be daunting knowing where to spend your budget.

Avoid the pitfalls in marketing

Your marketing budget is precious and with so much conflicting advice, you may be hesitant to spend it. There are many reasons marketing strategies fail. From lack of knowledge and experience to failing to reach your audience.

Every business is different and there are a variety of pitfalls to avoid. Having a clear vision and the right team to support you can determine your success.

At first consultation, we advise our customers against many rooky marketing errors. The main being, designing their own logos and websites using online design software. As well as expensive editorial and magazine advertisements.

All these tools have their place, but they aren’t going to propel your business efficiently.

Spending smart

It’s hard to trust someone with your money, especially when this can make or break your business. We can offer guidance to transform your ideas and your business. Our advice and experience has helped over 100 businesses succeed.

You may be tempted by high end editorials and magazine adverts. Although these can be useful in the right circumstances, the digital market has a much better reach. It is also much better value for your money.

You can spend 10% of your original marketing budget on google ads and social media boosting and reach more clients that you ever could with expensive printed advertising.

Another pitfall which many of our clients fall victim to is online design software. There are so many readily available and free. You may be tempted to design your own logo and branding. We would highly recommend not doing this.

Often online design software doesn’t offer a final vectored logo and majority of these logos look generic. Having a well-designed logo that works on a variety of materials is paramount to helping your business stand out.

Build your own websites are easily available and may seem like a cost-effective solution. The problem is they aren’t built by a professional with a knowledgeable insight. There are often hidden costs which over time, add up.

Majority of these websites aren’t built for search engine optimisation nor are they device compatible. This has a huge impact on how you rank compared to your competitors as well as user experience.

Having an agency like Capture, design and build your website means your business has a professional looking and working platform. Your clients will judge your business on your website, and it can make or break your first impression.

We take the time to research your competitors, learn about your business and understand your goals. All our website packages include a year’s hosting, accredited copywriting and a unique design.

The marketing obstacle to overcome

A client of ours, started their business 18 months ago. They came to us with a business idea after being in a similar industry for most of their career.

After looking at their competitors, we knew that they were going to be unique and stand out with their branding and products. The difficulty Capture had was getting the client to trust our knowledge and experience.

The client was having difficulty moving away from marketing avenues that they felt comfortable and familiar with. Having an older clientele, they believed that printed marketing was the best way to spend their budget.

Becoming a game changer

Our strategy was to use a small fraction of their budget for digital marketing. We asked for some trust to prove that our strategy could outperform high end editorial and magazine adverts.

We proved spending a few hundred pounds a month on a google pay per click campaign and social media boosting works. After having previously spent thousands on printed marketing, our client has never looked back.

These digital campaigns have increased their audience, sales and most importantly, improved their profit immensely. They are often inundated with enquiries even with this smaller budget. Their team has grown, and they are one of our most successful start-up businesses.

The reason, they listened and trusted us. They have consistent branding across all their marketing materials and have a much smaller more effective marketing budget. We regularly update their website with blogs and case studies which improves their organic ranking on google.

We often check in on their competitors, only to find similar campaigns being run and can immediately see they are trying to follow in their footsteps.

“From our first meeting Steve and Joanna and their team took the trouble and time to listen to a fairly complex brief, and advised accordingly, but most importantly then delivered. The patience shown and the professionalism throughout was second to none and certainly contributed hugely to our successful launch. A great job done, thank you… and in the last year we have gone from strength to strength and largely to the efforts of the Capture team who continue to guide our business to new heights as our trusted marketing partner for all our advertising, social media, blogging and managing our website content…a BIG thank you from us!”

We’re passionate about delivering success to our clients. Our team has the skills and knowledge to help your business grow whilst making the most out of your marketing budget. Get in touch today for a free consultation to revolutionise your marketing campaign.