Invest in a Jewellery Website Design and Build

Jewellery is a personal and sentimental product.
A jewellery website design should reflect that sentimentality. Capture Design can work with you to create a professional jewellery website design that will be aesthetically pleasing to customers and make them want to buy from your store.

Why have a new Jewellery Website Design?

Websites are the new storefronts. They are your book cover that will be judge in an instant. The buying process has shifted from brick-and-mortar stores to online platforms, and this trend is not going to stop. Even if the customer won’t be able to buy online, they want to ensure that their trip to your store will be worth it.

In order to compete with the jewellers online and locally to you, your website should make the customer feel that they are getting something special and unique. Your website will should reflect your company’s brand and values. Having an outdated and slow website could be causing you valuable loss.

We recently finished a jewellery website design for Portsmouth Jewellers, Sam Arabbetou Jewellers. Here you can view the Sam Arabbetou Case Study or view their finished website.

Sam Arabbeotou Beautiful Jewellery Website
How to start creating your Jewellery Website Design?

To start the process of your new jewellery website design, Capture will you invite you for a free no obligation consultation. At this meeting you will meet the friendly small team that will be helping you every step of the way. In this meeting we will discuss your target audience, your top sellers, your core values and your business goals. After this meeting we can then give you a website design quote which may also include other services that you may not of thought of or we may have discussed in your consultation.

From here, if you decide to go ahead, we will then require content and images. We aim for a smooth easy website project and hope that you return our questions and any information we need as quickly and efficiently as possible. Our process works and our team are excellent at managing their workload. Trust our expertise.

Our qualified copywriter will work closely with you create the right feel for your business. Your content is then handed over to a designer or will design your website in stages. Here is where you can make amendments until we get the design right.

Once you are happy, we can then pass it over to a developer who will build your website.

The functionality of your new Jewellery Website Design

Your new website will be built by the developer who will also work closely with the designer to ensure the website is as pixel perfect as possible.
We pride ourselves on creating a balance between design and functionality when creating a website. All Capture Design websites are responsive as standard. It will be appealing on both desktop and mobile devices, so that users can use it regardless of what screen size they have.
Our copy is written with SEO in mind which is added to every page so you can improve your search engine ranking to give you a better chance against your competitors, gaining you more traffic to your website.
Not only will your content impress your client but we will add subtle interactive animation to create a premium look to your website. Whether this be icons fading in one by one or button hover colours. Rest assured your new jewellery website design will be in good hands with Capture Design

Your website is one of the first impressions that someone will get of your business

- Stoney Degeyter
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